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About our site

A New Age Phoenix is open to persons of all faiths and belief systems who seek to expanded their own spiritual growth. We have a wide range of metaphysical, Wicca, new age and ritual items.

Our huge selection of metaphysical tools, ritual items, and ceremonial items, Including: Incense and oils, crystals and gemstones, jewelry, statues, and candles.

We strive to be your one-stop shopping for all your metaphysical, and ritualistic items. Please take the time to look around and shop on our secure site. We have hassle-free returns and friendly customer service representatives to help you with your needs.

Our orders usually ship within 24 to hours of your completed order, you'll get a confirmation email when your order is placed. We accept most major credit cards and personal checks.

Look out for our specials, coupons, or sign up for our newsletter for a first peek at all our specials. Whatever your path your be sure to find the right tools for your spiritual needs.

Thank you for visiting our site!